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Staff Directory

A photo of BeeJay Dothard, principal of Great Mills High School

WE ARE….GREAT MILLS! When you hear those words, what does that mean? To me it means pride! Pride in our school, pride in who we are, and pride in what we are really all about. To me it also means loyalty. Loyalty is something at Great Mills that means more than just words. It is actions of respect and standing by one another. It means “I got your back” and we will never let stereotypes define who we are. It means we face our challenges each day never backing down, never giving up! WE ARE…GREAT MILLS means that we take great pride in our academic, athletic, and extra-curricular accomplishments. It means we embrace our rich and diverse history, learning from those who have come before us. We set our sights on future goals striving for excellence in all that we do. WE ARE…GREAT MILLS may mean many different things to a lot of people but as the leader of this school I hope that it sparks a love and devotion towards this school that helps to unite one another with one common goal---making Great Mills High School the best that it can possibility be for each member of our Great Mills school community. I am very proud to serve as the school’s principal and I look forward to taking the school to new heights in the coming years.


We welcome you to contact Principal Dothard via email with questions, comments and concerns.  Principal's Secretary Renee Ennels.