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Principal’s Message


Greetings Hornet Nation! As the proud principal of Great Mills High School, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My journey started in a single-parent household, in Michigan, where my mother used sports to ensure I stayed on the right path. Later, I realized that sports could help me navigate life after high school. Through sports, specifically Track and Field, I was able to earn scholarships to pay for my General Associate's Degree from Lansing Community College and my Bachelor of Arts in Youth Services from Western Michigan University. I was the first person in my family to earn an Associate's Degree. Then in December of 2000, I became the first to earn a Bachelor's Degree! 

After college, in 2001, I left Michigan to embark on a career and settled in Great Mills. I began teaching at Holy Angels Sacred Heart School. Three years later, I accepted a Special Education teaching position at Spring Ridge Middle School. In 2009, I earned my Master of Arts Degree from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. During the summer of 2015, I was appointed Assistant Principal at Leonardtown High School. Just two years later, I was awarded the position of Academic Dean of Fairlead Academy I. 

Throughout all my experiences, I have truly learned the importance of building relationships with students and their families. I plan to continue my goal of helping students learn how to use school as a stepping stone to their adult careers. The more we introduce students to opportunities and help them see themselves in different careers, the more engagement and success in the classroom will increase.  I want to ensure that students have a personal connection to academics and positive relationships with the staff that helps guide them each day.  

In my 21 years in education, I’ve learned that the best interest of students always comes first and that it is not going to look the same for every student. All staff members and students have voices that need to be heard. I understand that college is a fantastic road to success, but there are other options. We will provide students with different roads to receiving the certifications or degrees that lead to a successful and productive adult life. This starts by making sure that every student who graduates from Great Mills High School has a personal success plan for their life. I will always have an open-door policy and be available to listen and help. As the proud principal of Great Mills High School, I am committed to doing everything I can to help navigate each student’s journey during and after high school. 



Principal Dothard