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National Art Honor Society


The NAHS Officers

Name Perception
Haley Kraus President
Abi Blevins Vice President
Reena Fernandez Secretary/Web Designer
Nina Deceuninckvancapelle Treasurer
Leif Bugler Activities Chairman
Octavia Keys Historians
Deborah Bowen Sponsor

NAHS Goals

Our objective is to exemplify a positive and creative aspect of our school society. We strive to demonstrate the highest qualities in art scholarship, service and character.

When do we meet?

The society meets every Thursday.  The first Thursday of the month is a mandatory business meeting.  If there is no school or early dismissal on the first Thursday of a month, than the mandatory meeting will be held on the following Thursday. The other Thursdays of the month will be art/activity days. We also meet every Tuesday during green & gold lunch hour. 


Students must achieve a 3.0 grade point average in all classes to maintain National Art Honor Society status. Students must have an A in Visual Arts and a recommendation from an art teacher. Students can be a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior who has taken or is taking a fine arts class.